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Can You Tame Your Aggression ?

Managing your anger and temper swings can appear to be an extremely difficult task at first glance. However, with the right mind set and approach you can actually control your anger issues with relative ease.

So can you tame your aggression ?

tame your aggression scrabbleIn this article we are going to discuss this very issue in great depth, in order to help you understand exactly how you can get on top of any aggression you may have.

Furthermore, you are going to discover five effective ways to tame your aggression which could help you in so many areas of life. 

Part of the reason that aggression is viewed by many as being an almost impossible emotion to deal with is because getting angry is an inherent aspect of human nature. It’s something that we all experience from time to time.  

Because everyone gets angry from time to time it can be very tempting to simply say that “aggression” just happens, and that nothing can be done about it. But that’s so wrong, it’s defeatist. That mindset will get your into trouble, and very soon.

What is holding you back? Do you want / need to tame your aggression? The simple truth is that to a large degree anger, temper, and mood issues are totally controllable human emotions.

Start using the following five strategies and you will find yourself becoming calmer and confident that you can tame your aggression:

Visualise calmness and serenity.

When you find yourself becoming stressed and angry one of the most effective techniques you can use is visualising calmness and serenity. Imagine you are relaxing on a beach, without a care in the world. Give 100% of your focus to your visualisation efforts, as they will not work without it.

Use deep breathing exercises.

One of the easiest and most effective way to tame your aggression is to incorporate deep breathing exercises into your daily routine, especially when you find your temper rising. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth – do this all to the count of five. You can continue with deep breathing exercises for as long as it takes to get your anger in check.

Exercise regularly.

Physical activity (especially high intensity cardio exercise like sprinting or boxing) releases feel good hormones that will also help to manage your anger for you. Although nobody is suggesting that you go out and run a marathon before work every day, at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise per day will deliver some seriously impressive results.

Cut down on your caffeine consumption.

As the world’s most popular legal drug and stimulant, caffeine offers many advantages in terms of increased focus and combatting tiredness. However, we all know that caffeine can cause irritability problems, especially in those who are sensitive to it. If you are a regular drinker of caffeine or energy drinks, then try going cold turkey for at least a month and you will soon find yourself much less irritable.

Remove yourself from situations that cause aggression.

This might seem a bit condescending, but one of the most effective and easy ways you can control your anger is to simply try and remove yourself from situations that cause your temper to flare up.

For example, if you find that getting stuck in the traffic causes you serious problems, then see if you can leave for work earlier (or later) in order to avoid any jams. It might not always be possible to remove yourself from anger-causing situations, but it is sure worth trying for the amazing results it can bring.

Tame your aggression with forgiveness

In conclusion, you should hopefully be able to see that anger management is a relatively easy feat.

Although it will require patience, dedication, and practice there is nothing actually stopping you from becoming a calm and collected person.

Try the strategies you have learned in this article and see the amazing difference yourself. 



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