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3 Effective Self-Motivation Tips for Greater Success

self motivationFinding the motivation to get things done in your life isn’t always easy. In fact, a lack of motivation and drive could be the one thing that is holding you back from achieving your dreams and desires.

In this article you are going to discover three extremely effective self-motivation techniques that will have you working with more drive and dedication than you have ever experienced before.

The best thing is that the skills you are about to learn can be applied immediately, and you will become instantly more self-motivated.

The first self-motivation technique you are going to learn today is visualizing the completion of your goals.

Self-motivation is focusing on what you want.

Visualization is extremely important as it focuses your attention (and therefore your activity) on a particular desire or aspiration that you want to achieve.

For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, then you need to visualize yourself actually crossing the finish line.

It is not enough to simply visualize your goal; the act of visualizing its completion is what will drive you to become infinitely more motivated.

You need to taste the sweet success of victory long before you actually attain it! The more vivid your visualizations, the more motivated you will become to work to achieve your goals.

What do you need to change?

Another extremely effective self-motivation technique is to welcome your mistakes. Many people are put off taking action through a fear of making mistakes.

If you are scared of making mistakes, then you are preventing success and motivation before they both have a chance to take flight.

Therefore, you need to spend less time worrying about what might happen if things go wrong, and invest more energy into the “doing” part of the equation.

This advice is particularly pertinent when it comes to activities like college or office work – many are worried that they won’t get it right, and therefore delay action taking until the last possible moment.

However, this way of life is completely counterproductive, as the quality and effectiveness of your actions will never be as good when rushed.

Finish what you started.

The final self-motivation tip you are going to learn today is to finish what you start. Basically, this means that you shouldn’t start something unless you know that you are able to finish it.

This could mean cutting back significantly on your commitments, and starting afresh by focusing on small and very manageable tasks.

The reason this technique is effective for improving your self-motivation is that it is very discouraging to never actually get things done.

However, if you start to see yourself finishing what you start, then you will become more motivated to undertake more difficult tasks.

Before you start anything, you need to honestly ask yourself whether you will actually finish it.

Give yourself a reasonable time-frame here as well, rather than setting unrealistic deadlines (for example, don’t give yourself 48 hours to paint the whole house or put up a new shed).

The three techniques you have learned here will help you to become more motivated than ever before.

Increasing your self-motivation is not impossible; it just requires a genuine attempt to change to your mind-set. The sooner you take action, the faster you will see the results!

I came across a thought provoking video the other day, and I want to share it with you. It will make you think about what you want in life. I’d really appreciate your comments on it.

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  • There are many factors to motivation. All really depends on one’s intention.
    The tips here are very basic and important factor to start and complete one’s goal. There are important factors that lies between the start and finishing point.
    If one can go by this as in, “if you don’t see yourself at the end, then don’t even start it.” Simply being that at a very very high chance you will never complete your goals at all.

    I always share with people and friends this – Take it one step at a time. Especially if they are stuck in a situation that they didn’t start at all.

    One most important point above I like most is CHANGE. Change is THE most constant thing ever since the beginning of time. Change has no meaning on time. Too many people are comfortable at where they are and find change difficult, only until they change their mindset about things of them or around them, so that things can move. And many people are not self motivated too. I must say it’s partly due to society that makes people that way. (This can be a whole lot of new topic for discussion.)

    I will end off with – Time and tide waits for no one. And Change is inevitable (all depending on how you go about doing the change.)

    • Hey Simon, many thanks for the great comment. I totally agree, change is what matters in life, and many people do find it hard to adjust when life brings along little ‘surprises’. It’s important in life “to do”, instead of just talking about it. I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Thanks my friend

  • Balula

    I have a philosophy of ‘visualization equals actualization’ . I meditate on what I want to acheive, visualize all the steps, the actions, the conversations, what ever needs to take place, and once I plant that seed, it helps me focus and build my plan to acheive success.

    • Visualizations are very important. When a person visualizes something, they are in tune with their desires and intentions, and this leads to a determination to succeed. Determination to achieve is vital in attaining success in life. Thanks for your comment Balula. I can thoroughly recommend people CHECK OUT Mind Movies here