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My “No B.S.” Mind Movies 3.0 Comprehensive Review

My “No B.S.” Mind Movies 3.0 Comprehensive Review

Have you ever seen The Matrix? You know, the one that looked as if it was filmed through the green haze of a Heineken bottle … “Mr Anderson” and “The One” and all that epic kung fu … I’m getting side tracked here. Beyond the awesome fight scenes and special effects, there is a powerful […]

Panic Away Review – Does It Really Work?

Reviewer: Richard Dillon Website: Author:  Barry Joe McDonagh Rating: 9/10 Panic Away is the best online anxiety elimination program that deals with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and agoraphobia. It has received the most verifiable photo and audio testimonials. Medical professionals, such as Dr. Alasdair Macdonald, have recommended this amazing program. It has been published […]

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 Review By Greg Frost & Alvin Huang

Reviewer: Richard Dillon Website: Authors: Greg Frost & Alvin Huang Rating: 8.5/10 It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of reading the latest and greatest (and sometimes the less-than-greatest) self-help training programs. From classic authors like Tony Robbins, through to some strange “underground” material that you’ve probably never heard of, I’m always making […]

Bob Proctor’s The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

Reviewer: Richard Dillon Website: Authors: Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey Rating: 8/10 The “The 11 Forgotten Laws” is an instructional program by Bob Proctor, who is one of the central figures from the movie and the book “The Secret”. Click Here Now To Discover The 11 Forgotten Laws Of Attraction All other law of […]

An Honest Review: Amazing Self help program

Reviewer: Richard Dillon Website: Author: Mark Ling and Amanda Selby Rating: 9/10 Some people in society achieve greatness, others just aspire to greatness. But is there a formula to living a successful life? Many people think so, and the key to success just got easier when I recently had the opportunity to review and […]