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How to Deal With Stress: 5 Effective Methods for Overcoming Stress

deal with stressStress is something that can strike any person at almost any time.

However, there are a number of effective methods you can employ to all but eliminate stress for good.

In this article you are going to uncover five effective methods that will help you to overcome stress.

Keep reading, as we delve deeper into learning about how to deal with stress:

1. Avoid stressful situations where possible – if you know you are going to head into a situation that causes you stress, then you should try to avoid it.

Some stressful environments are unavoidable, but many can be sidestepped with ease.

Sit down with a pen and paper, and then write down an exhaustive list of all the situations you find most stressful.

Note whether any of them can be avoided, and then act accordingly.

2.  Attack one task at a time – no good general spreads his forces over too many fronts, and no calm and collected person tries to take on too many different tasks at once.

Focus on doing one thing at a time, ensuring that you give it 100% of your effort. You will notice that you become more concentrated, less stressed, and that you also achieve much more by self-delegating your tasks.

Nobody can do it all, so why even bother trying?

3. Get more sleep – If you want to deal with stress, then this is often one of the best places to start.

Chances are you’re probably not getting enough sleep, and that pesky alarm clock wakes you up in the morning for work before you have the opportunity to be fully rested.

This means you either need to sleep in later (which is usually not an option for any kind of working professional) or go to bed earlier.

Even cramming in an extra hour of sleep a night will definitely lower your stress levels.

4. Cut down on your caffeine intake – Related to insufficient sleep is the common problem of excessive caffeine intake.

Most of us need at least a couple of coffees or energy drinks per day to feel awake and energized.

However, these drinks actually lead to a sudden burst of energy, followed by a prolonged collapse and an elevation of your stress hormones.

While many people are able to cope with this, if you are prone to stress, then you may find eliminating caffeinated beverages correlates with a significant decrease in your stress levels.

5. Exercise regularly – At least thirty minutes of exercise, five times a week will absolutely help you deal with stress but importantly improve your mood markedly.

You don’t need to be out there running marathons before work; even a little bit of regular activity will seriously help to make you a less stressed person.

If you do not currently exercise regularly, then start with something gentle like swimming or aqua jogging.

Lifting weights in the gym is also known to be particularly effective at reducing stress.

To recap, in this article you have learned how to deal with stress using five simple methods.

None of these will cost you an arm and a leg (in fact, cutting down on coffees and energy drinks will save you significant sums of money) and they all work very effectively.

You don’t need to let stress dominate your life – it can be tamed very easily. Take the lessons you have learned today, apply them consistently, and you will see results.

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  • Hi Rachel, thanks for the great comment. Reducing coffee is a great way to help reduce stress. Coffee is a mild stimulant – and not something you need before bed. Best wishes.

  • balula

    When I feel an stress induced anxiety attack coming on, I get up from my desk and stretch. Do a few yoga poses and whether it’s the distraction or the motion , after 5 minutes my heart rate is back to normal.

    • Hi Balula – I do the same – getting some distance between yourself and the stressful situation is the best way to avoid being stressed. Of course, it’s not always possible to remove yourself from stressful situations – but always try to. Hopefully, the article has helped you to have more armor to deal with stress.