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How to Combat Stress Naturally

combat stress naturallyIn today’s world, stress can affect people constantly. Suffering from stress can leave an individual feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

Thanks to the continuous study of several experts who made an effort to know how to beat stress naturally, there are loads of different ways to combat stress naturally, so keep reading to discover them!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Less caffeine intake – Caffeine is an ingredient that can cause adrenaline increase in the body.

In dealing with stress, your adrenaline must stay calm. Therefore, avoid coffee that is not decaffeinated, guarana, and other caffeinated beverages.

2. Divert your attention – Do not think of your problems. As much as possible, do things that can make you happy like watching sitcom, listening to your favourite music, or have fun with your pets.

3. Eat small meals often – To stabilize your mood, maintaining blood sugar level is a must. Small meal that contains protein for every 2 to 3 hours is required.

4. Herbs – Smelling scent of a particular herb can eliminate stress. The right herbs are passionflower, kava, oats, and chamomile.

5. Take a deep breath – Breathing can revitalize your anxious feeling. Get the deepest breath you can, then count up to 3 as you inhale and count up to four as you exhale.

6. Talk to yourself – Do a self-affirming message to yourself. Encouraging yourself can do a lot better. Have a chat with someone.

Talking to a family member or somebody who is close to you can help you to combat stress. Tell them what you feel.

7. Aromatherapy – Smelling some scent coming from burnt aromatherapy oil – rose or lavender is better. Or you can wear your favourite perfume.

8. Cocooning – Place your palms onto your face and the fingers resting on the closed eyelids. Do some meditation and only stop if you feel you can face the world again.

Foods That Fight Stress

There are so many causes of stress. However, before you seek for some medical advice from an expert why not try these foods.

It is believed that these foods can help you distress yourself and at the same time make you healthy.

A balanced diet and right supplements are helpful. So if you are suffering from stress right now, know how to combat stress naturally by eating the right foods.

– Whole Grains, Pastas, and Breads

These foods can help in elevating a person’s mood as they are capable of boosting serotonin in the body.

They are complex carbohydrates type of foods. Oatmeal, for example, can stabilize sugar in the body and at the same time release serotonin.

– Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains vital nutritional elements that can boost your mood. This food is high in sugars and fat so just take some control in eating to avoid gaining weight.

– Oranges

If you are suffering from stress, your body’s immune system tends to become poor. As we all know, oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system.

As you feel stressed out, your blood pressure will get high. Oranges can stabilize blood pressure.

– Leafy Greens

Lack of vitamin B in the body can cause stress. To regain the needed vitamin, eating green leafy veggies can help a lot.

Some foods you eat must be spinach, mustard greens, and broccoli. Leafy greens can help you overcome stress and at the same time retain a good health.

Stress treatment does not always mean undergoing addictive medication. Addictive medication can leave you feeling coarser.

By just doing an ordinary routine each day, the stress you are experiencing will vanish. Remember that diet and lifestyle changes are the easiest way to combat stress naturally!

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