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How Do I Get Motivated To Perform At My Peak?

How do I get motivated?Finding your inner drive and motivation might sound like an easy task, but it is something that we all must deal with in order to get things done.

If you ever find yourself asking, how do I get motivated?, then you need to pay close attention because in this article you are going to learn three motivational tips that will have you being more productive than ever before.

Warning: This article may cause you to become a completely different person!

1. Work smarter, not harder

It’s a bit of a tired cliché, but there really is truth in the saying that you should work smarter and not just harder.

What’s the difference? When you work hard you simply burden yourself with more tasks, draining more mental and physical strength to try and accomplish those using inefficient methods.

In contrast, working smarter involves things like:

#   Outsourcing work where possible; or

#  Setting a structured time-management plan and not deviating from it; or

#  Cutting back on unnecessary work commitments (sometimes you just need to tell yourself that enough is enough); or

#  Starting important tasks sooner, rather than later.

A great analogy for hard work versus smart work is this: If you’re driving at 60mph your car will probably do it in 3rd gear and 5th gear, but it will always be more comfortable to go along in 5th.

This is because the engine is working harder in 3rd, but it isn’t a very efficient way to travel at that speed.

By switching up to a more efficient gear the car saves fuel, doesn’t wear out as quickly, and is more comfortable to drive. That’s the type of mind-set you need to apply for smart work!

2. Set realistic goals

If you are constantly failing to achieve your all of your goals or worse, never achieving them, then it becomes difficult to find the motivation to actually do anything.

You fall into the “why should I bother?” trap, which is absolutely perilous and completely kills your inner drive and motivation.

If you’re always wondering how do I get motivated?, then you really should be trying to set more realistic goals that you think are achievable and that you will be able to accomplish.

Once you’ve got a few completed goals under your belt, you will start to feel more motivated to take on even more challenging tasks. You will then be well on your way to becoming a much smarter worker.

You can start small here – even if it’s a challenge for you to get out of bed before 8am, you can set that as a realistic goal and try your hardest to achieve it.

3. Visualize success

Whether you currently accept it or not, there is a great deal of power in visualizing success before you actually get it.

A common trait amongst the world’s most successful people is their unflappable sense of visualization.

All that this really means is they are able to see in their mind what they are after, they can see what they want to achieve and the path to achieving it.

They know that by repeating a mantra of success and imagining their motivation working for them, they will perform to the highest possible standard.

You need to focus on how great it will feel when you accomplish your goals. Once you can visualize success, motivation will just come naturally.

So ask this question of yourself NOW – How do I get motivated?

It’s actually much simpler than you might think! To recap, start by working smarter and not harder, set yourself realistic goals, and then visualize success so that you are motivated to reach your peak performance in all aspects of your life.

Thousands of people do it successfully everyday and in all walks of life.  Now is your time to being and harness the power to get motivated and to succeed.

Once you have mastered the tips for yourself, why not share your knowledge with your work colleagues or friends or even with your boss. Everyone knows that bosses need to keep their staff morale sky high.

But wait, there’s more.

Now that you have some answers to that age old question about how do I get motivated? sit back and watch this great video.

I’ve watched it three times already, and boy, this guy really know what he is talking about. There are some awesome tips on offer.

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  • Nice tips. Simple and yet easy achievable ones.

    Truly! On how people can make it, is that they set simple and achievable ones first. Then for sure, they move on to the next, and next, and so on. And yes, realistic is the word to begin.

    Remember, throw away the word – I try.

    Throw it out of your vocabulary. It have never serve anyone any thing, because try is never an action word to begin with. LOL.

    I remembered the time when I was teaching in Pre-school….

    A boy did a “mischief” and got “punished” for his deeds. The teacher send the boy to me for his “punishment”. . As they were sort of like “afraid” of me if I got angry… In which I never can even be angry at them. They are too cute to be for me. hahahah…. Anyway…
    I walked to him where he was seated. I asked him…
    Ok now… what have you done that your teacher asked me to see you?
    And he started to cry more… (I melted to see kids crying) Then he told me what he did.
    I told him… Ok, so if you know what you did was wrong will you do it again?

    He said… No.

    I told him to stop crying. And he said in his tears, I will try my best to be a good boy from now on.
    I took this great opportunity to show him trying is NOT good enough.
    I told him that trying is not good enough for me. I said You either Be or you Don’t.
    I showed him how.
    There was a can of coke on the table then.
    I said… Teacher Symon is trying to take the coke, am I taking it.? He said… No

    Ok, Now… Teacher Symon IS taking the coke. Am I taking the coke now?
    He said.. Yes.
    Then I said, so from now on you Be a good boy, NOT Try to Be. Ok? He then put a smile on his face and said OK.
    This is how rewarding it can be with teaching Kids. I learn from them, and they taught me so much.

    It is always about breaking away from one’s on mindset of seeing things, deep seated patterns and being motivated.

    If you are not motivated. Ask yourself why? Be VERY honest with yourself and truthful. It all starts from myself, me and I.

    Anyway, my point is…. I will, I can, I am.

    • Hey Symon, you really do make some thoughtful comments, I really appreciate the time you spend sharing your ideas.

      Many people find it hard to get motivated, hopefully this article will inspire people to try to work on their motivations. Thank you Symon