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5 Key Tips to Feel More Energetic

feel more energetic

Nobody likes to feel lazy, or lacking energy, or unmotivated. However, these are all things that every person will feel at some stage in their life.

Even the world’s most successful “elite” are not immune from the dreaded slow-down; however, what sets them apart is the the way they deal with it.

That’s why you need to read this article in order to learn 5 ways to feel more energetic that come straight from the playbook of the super-successful.

Sleep is the key

Learn your body’s own sleep patterns and adjust your schedule accordingly. So-called “experts” always tell us that the most effective way of sleeping is to go to bed that little bit earlier and try to cram in at least 8 hours of sleep.

However, this ignores the fact that different people actually have different sleep needs (and yours may be something else altogether). Therefore, you need to find a week where it is possible for you to switch off your alarm clock and simply go to sleep when you feel tired, and wake up when your body tells you it is time to do so. You will be shocked how much of a good night’s sleep will have you feels awesome and feeling more energetic than ever before.

This will kick start your natural circadian rhythm, and ensure that you are actually sleeping in the most healthy manner for your body and energy levels.  A solid night’s sleep always makes you feel more energetic in the morning, and that feeling stays with you all day.

Visualise success.

All of the world’s best and most successful people visualize their goals. In fact, you could say this is what separates those who “do” from those who simply “hope” to achieve greatness.

By focusing on visualizing your goal (and more importantly visualizing its completion) you will become infinitely more energetic and motivated.

To feel more energetic – Exercise regularly.

Exercise turbocharges your body’s energy levels by releasing feel good hormones. Although you don’t need to be running a marathon every day to feel the effects, at least thirty minutes of exercise five times a week will deliver incredible results.

Higher intensity exercise is the best but ensure that you consult a physician or doctor before taking the plunge.  No one ever really succeeded at much by sitting on the couch all day and procrastinating.

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Improve your diet.

Let’s face it; the average Western diet is absolute rubbish, which is in turn having a marked effect on our overall cognitive performance, motivation, and energy levels.

If you want to feel more energetic, then you need to rid yourself of processed foods, anything high in Omega 6 oils, and refined sugar. These food types are all difficult for the body to metabolise, resulting in your energy being sucked into the digestive process (as opposed to being freed up for you to take action).

Try to emulate a paleo diet if possible; if this is impractical for you, then increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is a great way to start.

Become more organised (and manage your daily tasks better).

One final way to feel more energetic and motivated is to ensure you get all your tasks for the day completed on time. The best method to achieve this is by becoming more organized; set yourself time limits for achieving tasks and completing errands, use post-it notes and productivity apps on your phone, and remember to visualize as well (this REALLY helps).

To recap, in this article you have learned 5 effective ways to feel more energetic and motivated. This is the kind of stuff that successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and scholars use to ensure they get the most possible out of there day.

Even if you can add an extra hour of productivity per day to your bottom line, that adds up to make a massive difference over a year. Take what you have learned in this article and put it into practice – the results will astound you!

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