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Combat Stress with 4 Super Techniques

combat stress

In practicing these 4 super techniques to combat stress the first thing you will notice is that they are all so easy to implement.

We all know that stress can be one of the most debilitating and frustrating hurdles that we all must overcome at some stage in our lives.

When life seems to become that little bit too much to bear, and that feeling is ignored and not dealt with properly, everything can seem to go downhill very rapidly.

Between work, family life, hobbies, and other commitments, an overwhelming feeling of insufficient time to “do it all” can lead to terrible problems with stress creeping into everyday life.

That’s why you need to get on the front foot and deliver the knockout punch if you are serious about learning how to combat stress before it gets the better of you!

In this article you are going to discover a list of techniques that will help you deliver that knock out punch to help you combat stress effectively and rapidly.

1.  Ensure that you get sufficient sleep.

If you skip a good night’s sleep then you are doing just about everything you can do to allow stress to knock you down.

Lack of sleep will result in a negative mood, lack of energy, and feelings of depression. This, in turn, will lead to elevated levels of stress as your body comes under attack from fatigue.

Even an extra half hour of sleep per night will help immensely, so turn off the TV that little bit earlier, or put the cell phone or tablet on silent and get some more shut-eye.

2.  Set realistic goals to combat stress.

If you set the bar too high, then you will never achieve your goals. This will result in you becoming even more stressed-out as you wonder why you cannot ever seem to tick off your goals.

By being more realistic with your goal setting, you will manifest a greater degree of positivity and motivation in your life. When you are more positive and more motivated, you feel less stressed.

3.  Exercise regularly.

One of the easiest, healthiest, and most effective ways to combat stress is only a jog around the block that is right outside your front door.

Exercising releases those all-important endorphins that fight stress and make you feel a million bucks.

You don’t have to be training like an Olympic athlete to see a difference either; just 30 minutes a day, five days a week will have you smashing your stress levels to pieces.

Furthermore, introducing regular exercise into your daily routine will help you to maintain a healthy weight, and boost your energy levels.

4.  Take the time to relax.

No matter how much work you have on your plate, it is absolutely crucial that you always try and find time every day to relax.

You don’t need to factor in hours of downtime, but it is important to give yourself at least 45 minutes every day to do whatever YOU please (not what your boss, friends, or family want you to do).

If you like reading, then dedicate those 45 minutes to reading a new book. If you prefer playing video games, then bust out the PlayStation and feel the stress glide away.

combat stress - man relaxing on beach

To recap, in this article you have learned a list of four extremely effective techniques that will help you to combat stress and improve your mood and energy level.

Remember that it is impossible to avoid stress – everyone has a particular trigger (or triggers) which lead to stress.

However, by actively employing stress-fighting methods in your daily routine, you will find yourself a much more relaxed and happy person.

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  • Erica H. Toronto, Canada

    I find that the best way to deal with stress is to reach over and choke the crap out of the person causing it!

    • Hi Erica – we all think like that sometimes, it’s a normal human emotion to get angry and mad. But there are better ways to handle stress, and choking someone isn’t something I can suggest you do 🙂