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Boost Your Energy Levels

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Struggling to boost your energy levels? Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the energy to get things done.

You might feel sluggish, unmotivated, and lacking in energy, and in this state of mind it is almost impossible to get anything done.

If this is a situation you find yourself in frequently, then you are probably suffering from low energy levels.


Need to boost your energy levels ?

Pay close attention and discover how to quick and simple it is to supercharge both your body and mind with a massive surge in your energy levels.

1)     Sleep to your body’s natural rhythm – ensuring that you get enough sleep isn’t sufficient to maximize your energy levels, as you also need to make sure that you are sleeping to the right pattern for your body.

For example, you might find that sleeping a bit less at night, and then having a two hour nap during the day really does boost your energy levels (as opposed to “doing all your sleeping” in one go).

Conversely, if you are a frequent nap-taker but currently do not get much uninterrupted sleep at night, then you ought to try sleeping more at night and less during the day.

Over time you will come to learn your body’s preferred sleeping pattern, which is essential if you want to increase your energy levels.

2)     Try an intermittent fasting diet – this sounds like it is straight from the crazy book, but an intermittent fasting diet where you spend most of your day not eating can work wonders for low energy levels.

Digesting food takes a big toll on your body (especially if you eat lots before sleeping at night, as your body never gets to rest properly) so by concentrating almost all of your eating into a window of no more than four hours, you effectively train your body to run efficiently on empty.

Popular variations of this diet include eating in the morning and then only consuming small snacks during the day, or eating all your calories for the day in the early evening. Although it sounds absurd, most people who have followed an intermittent fasting diet report vastly increased levels of energy.

Furthermore, this style of diet also has the added benefit of burning body fat and increasing muscle tone in a short period of time.

3)     Eliminate caffeine from your diet completely – this might prove to be extremely difficult at first, but reducing your caffeine intake to zero will help you to boost your energy levels.  This is especially true in the evenings. A sure fire way to have a restless nights sleep is to drink coffee in the early evenings.

Unless you need to remain awake at night, then avoid caffeine that is found in coffee and tea.  Decaff coffee and tea’s are fine to have and enjoy.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means that over time your body will become somewhat dependent on it, and you will need ever greater amounts to maintain the same level of energy.

boost your energy maleWe all know that one guy or girl in the office or class (it could even be you) who just cannot function without caffeine and that is not a situation you want to be in.

Increase your energy levels naturally by gradually reducing your caffeine intake, and then kicking it cold turkey.

To recap, in this article you have learned three very simple ways to boost your energy levels.

Implement these strategies right now, and you will soon find yourself with far more energy, determination, and drive than you have had in years.

If you are really serious about getting the drive back into your life, then take the plunge NOW and go after something amazing.

You can do it – you owe yourself the chance to become a truly amazing person.

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  • Balula

    Sleep is critical to good health, the body repairs damaged cells and rejuvinates during sleep. Lack of sleep also causes cortisol levels to increase which results in increased abdominal fat, which is a marker for heart disease and cancer. Next on my list is water. 99% of us are in a chronic state of dehydration which causes reduced metabolism and causes lethargy , not to mention inhibiting to removal of toxins which are flushed out of the body through elimination of water via urine, sweat, and lymphatic activity.

    • Hi Balula – Sleep is critical to good health, and it’s something I love doing – like most people 🙂