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Best Self Improvement Courses

Collection of amazing self reviewAmazing Self


Authors: Mark Ling and Amanda Selby

Rating: 9/10

Self-improvement never stops, its something we all need to do, but we don’t have to do it alone or without advice.

The program’s aim is to help you become a better “you”. I just love what’s on offer here – the Amazing Self 250-page magazine, plus the Amazing Journey interviews and transcripts, the awesome Abundant Wealth videos, and 6 Guided Visualization mind movies.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense guide to reaching your goals and dreams, I highly recommend you check out Amazing Self.

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mind movies mini reviewMind Movies


Authors: Ryan Higgins, Natalie Ledwell and Glen Ledwell

Rating: 8.5/10

Written and presented by experts in their fields, Mind Movies brings together self-help techniques that will make you stop and think about how important ‘self-help’ really is in this day and age.

It’s certainly stands out from other so-called ‘self-improvement’ programs on the market today.

Change the way you think; change your attitude, and be amazed at how much this really can impact and improve your life.

Makes sure you check out my comprehensive review of Mind Movies 3.0 today!

Instead of telling you what to do to change your life, Mind Movies offers you genuine and valid alternatives about how your own attitude, thoughts and actions honestly impacts your physical world. In a nutshell, Mind Movies rocks!

ebook cover of mind secrets exposed 2.0 reviewWebsite:

Authors: Greg Frost & Alvin Huang

Rating: 8.5/10

Mind Secrets 2 Exposed is a first class self-improvement program that delivers you the secret strategy to unlock your sub conscious mind and achieve greater success in your relationships, your health and your wealth.

If you are dissatisfied with being ordinary, this program will show you how to become the elite person you have dreamt about becoming.

How will Mind Secrets 2 Exposed help? Very easily and simply – by giving you the strategies, techniques, and tricks that you can use to quickly connect with the latent power of YOUR mind in a simple and concise manner.

This PERSONAL program gives you the knowledge, experience, and inspiration you need to master your subconscious mind. You WILL become a better person.  Read my comprehensive review here.

the 11 forgotten laws review cover collection11 Forgotten Laws


Authors: Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey

Rating: 8/10

Sometimes in life, we need to give ourselves a checkup, and this incredibly good program – the 11 Forgotten Laws – will help you do just that.

It will change your way of thinking, and once you change your way of thinking to a more positive aspect, good things will naturally flow towards you.

Inside you find out exactly what to do to become happier, more motivated and wealthier. It’s a step by step program that includes an eBook, 12 digital CDs which containing 95 audio tracks, written transcripts of each CD, and an online community (big bonus for free). Check out my full review.

ebookPanic Away


Author: Barry Joe McDonagh

Rating: 9/10

Panic Away is a very successful method used by thousands and thousands of people world-wide in dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.

Its author, Barry McDonagh struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for several years.

Inside, you gain access to a comprehensive 256 page eBook, 4 video clips and 7 audio recordings that you can download straight away.

You get the tools and strategies that will show you how to cure panic attacks and overcome your general anxiety.  If anxiety or panic attacks are holding you back, I thoroughly recommend you investigate how Panic Away will help you.

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  • Erica H. Toronto, Canada

    I have the Tony Robbins’ Self Help series- these products work if you listen to them and actually follow the steps, but therein probably lies the problem for most people! If you’re going to spend money on these types of products- you need to do the work. You need to understand that it’s not ‘lack of knowlege’ that prevents us from acheiving goals. It’s lack of action. If knowledge was all it took, there’d be no overweight people because we all know that exercise and diet are the keys! There’d be no one in debt because we all know we need to spend less and save more!

    • Wow, another great comment. I thoroughly agree – the real reason for lack of achievement is lack of action. Having all the knowledge in the universe is worthless, unless you actually DO something with it – taking action is the only way to become successful at anything in life.