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Are you lacking motivation?

Are you lacking motivationMotivation is one of those emotions that can come and go as it pleases.

One day you wake up and feel like you can take on the world, and the next you really struggle to get going.

However, our day to day activities do not change as often as our level of motivation.

This means if we lack our natural drive on just one day it can really affect our emotions.

If you are lacking motivation, then read on because we explore an effective technique, which could answer the question “how do I get motivated?

One of the main reasons people fail to complete tasks is because they come up with what they believe are valid excuses at the time simply by adding the word but to their initial thought.

For example, I should apply for a new job, but I probably won’t get it so what is the point in wasting my time.

Doubts are inevitable for most people, but that does not mean you should give up. In order to overcome the word write a list of your goals or tasks, then write a second list next to it coming up with all the but excuses you can think about.

Finally, in a third column, write a list of valid rebuttals so you have an answer when you start to doubt your initial thought.

In the example above, you could write I have no idea who else applied for the job, which means I cannot say beyond all doubt that I am not the most suitable person.

Are you lacking Motivation? Why?

The real skill at staying motivated comes from having set realistic goals to begin with.

Everyone wants something out of life, and we have all read about those success stories, and wonder why doesn’t that happen to me? Why can’t I have this or that, or why can’t I get that great job or relationship?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking everyone else is successful except me. Ever heard of the famous saying “keeping up with the Joneses”?

Think about it for a second – who on earth are “the Joneses”? The truth is they don’t exist, they’re nobody but an illusion created to make you believe you must achieve more, do more, acquire more – it never ends.

Forget “the Joneses” and focus on your goals, and plan out a strategy on how you can achieve the goals you have in mind.

Those “successful” and “motivated” people didn’t get to where they are by chance.  They got to where they are because of one thing – a plan or blueprint – which they acted on.

Of course, none of that comes immediately, it takes time to happen – but it does happen if you are consistent in your pursuit of it – that means a daily pursuit of motivation !

If you have goals which are realistic and a plan to achieve them, you will be able to stay motivated.

It is important to remember that just because one technique works for somebody it does not mean that it will for the next.

Therefore, it is crucial that you put in the time to find a technique(s) that works for you to get motivated.  Do you want to know the secret of limitless motivations and success?

The real secrets will be revealed to you in the “The 11 Forgotten Laws” and the things you can accomplish in your life using it, will literally be limitless.

At Breathezy, we will continue to explore techniques from breathing techniques to other systems over the coming months.

However, if you are consistently lacking motivation in some aspects of your life, ask yourself this question “do I have a plan for my success” ? because if you don’t have a plan, you’re really just wasting valuable time.

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  • Balula

    I tend to lack motivation when I am simply not interested in something. I think we are constantly in the position of having to do something we don’t want to do and we confuse procrastination with lack of motivation.

    • It’s so easy to become unmotivated by doing things we don’t really like. I think most people struggle with this a lot. We all need to keep in mind the things that we are good at or excites and we are more likely to stay motivated and achieve great things. Thanks for stopping by.

    • We all become unmotivated by doing things we are aren’t interested in. A clear head and realistic goals will keep you focused and more motivated. Thanks for your involvement and comments.

  • Erica H. Toronto, Canada

    I think that ‘Depression’ also factors into lack of motivation. If a person is clinically depressed they don’t even have the motivation to be movated! Stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Do you have any products that deal with managing depression?

    • Hi Erica – if someone is suffering depression, they must get professional assistance. The products I recommend on this site are for self improvement and should not be used to treat depression. Only a qualified medical practitioner can treat depression.