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5 Effective Anger Management Training Methods to Release Your Inner Calm

anger management trainingThere is nothing fundamentally wrong with anger, provided you are able to keep it under control.

Anger becomes a problem when you are unable to manage it effectively, and your judgment is affected because of it.

In this article you are going to learn five effective anger management training methods that will help you to release your inner calm and create a better, happier, and healthier you.

1. Exercise Regularly

You don’t need to be Mr Olympia in the gym, nor do you need to exercise like you’re practicing for a marathon.

However, regular exercise (aim for 30 minutes per day) will help you to control your anger by finding an outlet for your emotions.

It may seem a bit stereotypical, but hitting a punch bag really does work to help you control your anger.

2. Give Yourself a Timeout

One of the most effective anger management training methods you will ever learn is to take a timeout.

You were probably taught to do this as a kid by your parents, but trust me – it really does work.

Count to ten (or twenty if you’re particularly angry) while keeping your eyes closed and breathing deeply.

3. Think Before You Act

Closely related to the infamous timeout is the old adage of “thinking before you act”.

This is truly one of the most important methods of controlling your anger, because it will act to limit any potential negative consequences of your anger.

For example, before you slam that door shut and potentially cause some expensive damage, think about the consequences (as well as the fact that positive outcomes are rarely borne out of rash behaviour).

While you’re counting to ten, take the time to clearly ponder what you are about to do, and whether there is an alternative solution to letting your anger get the better of you.

4. Forgive And Forget

Holding grudges against others is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your anger management woes will remain forever unsolved.

If someone has acted in a way that infuriates you, then it is best to try your absolute hardest to forgive them and gloss over the situation.

Other people won’t always please you or act in your own best interests; the quicker you learn to accept this fact through forgiveness, the better.

5. Spend More Time Doing What Relaxes You

Everybody has a unique relaxation trigger that enables them to relieve stress and anger and elevate their mood.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to this anger management technique, so you need to experiment a little to find what works for you.

If you find that playing video games makes you more relaxed, then you should spend more time playing video games.

If reading books is the kryptonite for your anger, then you should spend more time down at the local library.

Although it can be difficult to find spare time for relaxation, you will never regret making sacrifices in order to calm your nerves and soothe your anger.

Anger management training is an on-going process – you do not simply wake up one day to find yourself completely healed of any residual anger.

However, by consistently applying the methods and techniques you have learned in this article, you will start on the rewarding path to inner calm, freedom from anger, and a healthier lifestyle.  By continually striving to practice what you have learnt in this article, you really can become an Amazing self.

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