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3 Ways To Beat Laziness

beat laziness buttonEveryone needs to beat laziness at sometime in their life.  Many people never really find the right way to do it and it’s always so tempting just to give up and live a life of laziness.

If you ever want to achieve anything great with your life, then you’ll need to beat that mind set and learn how to become more motivated and less lazy.


Do you need to beat laziness?

The good news is that you can take fast and effective steps to beat laziness and become a truly motivated person.

In this article you are going to learn three of the most effective strategies to reach this goal.

The first way to become beat laziness is to visualize your goals and aspirations. By having a concrete image in your mind of what you want to achieve, you create a target for your will power and exertion.

Working towards a visualized goal is always more effective than attempting to wrestle with an abstract ambition. For example, if you want to lose weight and get a better body, then you should set a goal like this:

“I want to lose twenty pounds in two months”

Compare this with a very general and abstract goal, such as “I want to get thinner and look better”.  Because there is no concrete goal here (i.e. you have not told yourself exactly what you want to do and how much time you will allocate to achieve it) you will be far less likely to succeed.

Try visualizing how you will reach your goal, and what you want to see when you “cross the finishing line”.

The next method to beat laziness and become more motivated is to use a vision board. This is where you collect a bunch of images, magazine clippings, and printouts of a variety of goals you want to achieve.

This could be things like:

  1. a new car
  2. higher grades
  3. that promotion you have always wanted or
  4. a healthier relationship

If you’re a Photoshop whizz you could even create a digital vision board by compiling a whole bunch of related pictures you’ve found online.

There is a popular visualization software called Mind Movies that was designed for this specific purpose, which you might like to check out here.

The final method you are going to learn to beat laziness is to track your goals. You need to start writing down what your goals are, what you are doing each day to achieve it, and how far away you think you are from reaching your goal.

For example, if your goal is to run five miles, then you would write down how much training you have been doing each day  (or if you’re having a rest day, what sort of visualization you have been doing) and how far away you think you are from reaching that five mile target.

Don’t hamper your progress by setting an excessively long period to achieve your goal; conversely, it will do you no favours if you tell yourself that you will “cross the finish line” too quickly.

There is no harm in revising your goal ETA as well, if you feel that you are going to finish earlier or later than you had planned.

beat laziness

To recap, in this article you have discovered three effective ways to beat laziness and become more motivated.

If you’ve paid particularly close attention, then you will have picked up on the fact that the three tips in this article all relate to goal setting.

The secret of becoming truly motivated and quashing laziness once and for all is in striving for concrete goals that you have visualized.

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